ClipboardFix 1.2 has been released!

Click here to download ClipboardFix.

ClipboardFix currently has no installer. Download the zip file and extract it to a directory in which you are comfortable keeping it. Note that it will generate a configuration file in that same folder when run.

Please note that ClipboardFix is free for PERSONAL USE ONLY. For business use, please see our commercial page.

ClipboardFix Version Changes:

1.2: Bugfix

*Added a new feature! "Add this amount to #'s in clipboard". If selected, this feature will look for the first number in your selected text and add the number you specify to it. Example - if you put "1" in the box, it will add the number 1 to the first number it finds in the clipboard. If it doesn't find a number, this option does nothing. (Option works for BOTH positive and negative numbers)
*Fixed several bugs with cross-RDP copying and multiple bogus clipboard events.

1.0.1: Bugfix

*When the program is in "disabled" mode, if you double-click on the icon, rarely it used to crash the program. This has been fixed.
*Fixed a few bad links and end-of-line issues in the documentation.

1.0: Initial Release