Purchase a business copy

Are you interested in purchasing a business copy of ClipboardFix?

Is ClipboardFix free?

It's 100% free for personal, non-business use. The free version of ClipboardFix is *not* nagware - it does not ever ask you to pay, nor is it "shareware". It is 100% free and fully functional, with no expiration. Tell your friends!

If you are using it for a business, I ask that you purchase a license - the business version comes with a few additional features, like the ability to keep RTF formatting. Bulk licenses are available at a discounted rate if you wish to purchase multiple copies for your office. In addition, product enhancements (new features) can be added at your request for a fee, if so desired; we can change the program to better suit your business. If interested in a commercial version of ClipboardFix, or in product enhancements, please contact us at purchase@calmnova.com.


How much does the business version of ClipboardFix cost?

ClipboardFix costs $15.00 for a single business license. The license does not expire. Bulk purchases of licenses at a discount rate are available. Product enhancements are considered on the basis of difficulty and time; please contact us for more information: purchase@calmnova.com